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What a Mess


What a Mess…

So you’ve decided to remodel your house, are you prepared? Remodeling is an exciting time, but it can also be a little stressful and messy or inconvenient. We know that our customers trust us with their home, and we don’t take that lightly. Here are a few tips to help you prepare and get through a remodel in your home:

Pack Up – We know our customers value their belongings, and some of them cannot be replaced. Packing away décor, valuables and kitchen utensils or countertop appliances will not only ensure they are not damaged, but it will help make room in work areas.
We Know There’s Dust – Remodeling is a messy undertaking, especially during the demolition phase. It may be necessary for us to tape off access to parts of a home or put floor protection down to keep the dust contained. We do our best to control messes and clean up as we go, but dust will inevitably travel throughout houses due to heating and cooling system air flow.
Timing is Everything – Not only do we know our customer’s time is valuable, we understand that we have a communicated timeline to keep to. We discuss production hours with our customers to make sure that we are interfering as little as possible with their home life, while still being able to complete a project in a reasonable timeline.
Don’t Panic – At different points of a project, it can get stressful as customers are asked to make material selections, have people in their home that they are not familair with and have their home in various phases of functionality. Unknowns and curveballs can incite stress as well, but know that it is our job to see projects through to completion and we will work through any issues that may come up. We keep our customers informed along the way and are a phone call or email away if customers have questions.
From Our Point of View – It is never our intention to leave large messes, dust or track dirt into our customer’s homes. We don’t like it when projects get messy either, but sometimes it is unavoidable for short periods of time during different phases of a project. We may use dumpsters on projects to help keep messes contained. Know that we want to get the mess out of the way as soon as possible too.
Finish Line – When projects are completed, we do our very best to make sure that messes inside and outside are taken care of. At times, it is necessary for us to have a cleaning crew come and clean an area of a home we were working in. It is our goal to leave our customer’s homes in full functioning use when projects are completed, not to have them spend time cleaning their house for a week afterwards.