Farmhouse in a New House?



We are all familiar by now with Joanna Gaines, the fearless leader of farmhouse design. The charm of farmhouse design is comfortable and accessible, and can be elevated or toned down to meet anyone’s personal style. So, how do you achieve the “farmhouse” look when building a new home, or even remodeling? What should we not do? There are a few tips that Joanna suggests, and something to avoid, for pulling the look off.

Creating a kitchen nook, where normally cabinets would fill an empty space, is a way to make good use of awkward space and personalize it with decorative or purposeful items like cook books or extra utensils. Farms don’t have time for waste, so don’t waste usable space!

A great view to the outdoors while doing dishes in a farmhouse is a charming bonus, but sometimes your floor plan doesn’t allow for a window over the sink. Joanna suggests adding a mirror or reflective art fixture to give interest to the area and provide extra light to the room.

What definitely doesn’t belong? Non-tradition materials, such clay tiles. While they are beautiful, and can be used in other areas of your home (Joanna suggests playing with different looks in the bathroom), they are not a traditional farmhouse material, so they will look out of place and not allow the look to flow together.

Read more of Joanna’s farmhouse design suggestions in this article featured on, by clicking the link below.



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